The work you did was serious yet light hearted and you developed the proper amount of touch to really feel into what was happening with my body. I immediately felt my body opening up and moving in more natural patterns. I experienced something happening in every part of my body head to toe. But there were 2 things that are most noteworthy and I will always remember.

The first with was my ankles. With my history of sprains in martial arts dating over 15 years, I have had limitations there for many years. Realigning bones within the feet and having improved articulation at the ankle joint changed the way I not only walk but bike several times a week. My right leg no longer hits the bike frame when climbing. This in turn gives me a very balanced support from the ground up.

Then there was the third Rolf Movement session where I mentioned I have great balance but lose it when my eyes are shut. Every time. Your decision was to have me do movement blindfolded. The cues in the parking lot of how to move were spot on and felt like a missing link was now reconnected. The balance in my body has changed now that it has been 5 months (to the date tomorrow!) is the greatest it has ever been. I feel stronger, fitter, and have more confidence than I ever have had.

Sometimes people might be on the fence about treating a movement issue or any other inefficiency that they have been unable to figure out. If this is ever the case, please show them my testimonial and see if it makes sense to them. This has been a life-changing experience and I want others to know they can be free to move how they want if they let you show them.

Thank you again for a wonderful series.