I recently finished a 10 series of Rolfing with Aaron and I have been amazed at the positive changes in my body over the course of these past weeks. I came in with serious pain levels in my neck, back, and shoulders and I wasn't sure how helpful the bodywork would be since I had been in pain for months. My doubts were quickly dispelled as after each session the pain was always significantly less. The sessions build upon each other and I felt guided through a complete resetting of my musculature and nervous system. My neck and shoulders are now pain free!

I enjoyed working with Aaron because he's skillful and knowledgeable about his work, but also because he's smart, funny and humble. We laughed a lot during each session which for me was a big part of the healing process. He knows when to go deeply into the muscles and when to use a more soothing and balancing approach. I am so grateful to have done this 10 series with Aaron. Thank you!

When I started the 10 series with Aaron I was in a lot of constant pain. The Rolfing that we did was so helpful in relieving that pain, and it also made me realize how much I was ignoring my body. Committing to the 10 series and starting that work with Aaron was the impetus that I needed to take a hard look at how I was treating my body. It allowed me to seek out the help I needed to make changes in my self-care routines with things like supplements, diet changes, exercise and sleep habits. Aaron was encouraging and had helpful suggestions the whole way. It's been an amazing healing time!