Touching others in a safe, meaningful, and holistically healing way to bring ease of being, and ease of movement, is my goal as a Rolfer.

I believe to touch the body is not only just that, it is a communication, a two way street which is rich with possibilities for positive change, and development on both the physical and the spiritual planes.   To be the facilitator for that kind of wonderful change, I believe means that you have to listen closely, to pay attention to both tissue and temperament, feel where things need to go, and where they have been held back. It requires a sense of touch that "feels into" the tissues of the body.

Biographically speaking, I am a rather varied human being.  In the past I have made a living as a violinist, and also as a lawyer.   The violinist part of me listens with a discerning ear, the lawyer part listens with an analytical bent. And I love the way that being a Rolfer allows me to combine the two parts of myself, the artist, the intellectual, as it fosters both my spirit and those of my clients.

I try to maintain an open, honest, view of my clients and of myself; this allows for the continued learning and growing of my store of knowledge, my intuition, and the quality of my touch. 

I am thankful to my teachers and mentors: Meg Maurer, Lisa Fairman, Neil Anderson, Heather Starsong, Jillian Ardoin, Nikki Olsen and Phoenix Q. DeLeon, all of whom taught me not only technique, but how to become a Rolfer in every sense of the word.


The term "Rolfer" is a Trademark of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.